Cathy Aboud
Lead, People and Digital practice within Digital Services at Capgemini
Cathy leads the People and Digital practice within Digital Services at Capgemini. Her expertise lies in helping organisations get the people bit right of digital transformations. With over 15 years experience in organisational development and human capital management across a variety of private and public organisations, Cathy has worked with organisations to develop human centred solutions on a local, national and global level enabling them to realise their business goals through their people. The goal is to solve business challenges first, not form fitting a solution. No two organisations are the same with each having its own strategy, culture and set of challenges. She currently works with clients across Asia Pacific to develop forward thinking human capital approaches that best advance their business strategy leveraging her expertise in business transformation and change, HR transformation, talent management, leadership development, human capital strategy and technology enabled solutions.
Cathy co-hosts a Workshop on Humanising Digital LinkedIn
Anne Bartlett-Bragg
Managing Director of Ripple Effect Group
Anne is the Founder and Managing Director of Ripple Effect Group Asia Pacific. She specialises in the creation of innovative communication and learning networks with social technologies where her designs have been winning awards since 2006.
She is also a founding member of the Digital Disruption Research Group at Sydney University Business School and a sessional academic at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). She uses her research into the communication aspects of social networks to provide an informed backdrop to understanding how people are using new tools and changing traditional models of communication. She constantly challenges organisations to reframe their models of communication, service design, and workforce engagement.
Anne’s PhD explored the experiences of developing social networks through self-publishing technologies such as blogs.
Anne co-hosts a Workshop on Digital Capabilities: Where people and technology intersect LinkedIn
Twitter: @AnneBB
Juliet Bourke
Partner at Deloitte
julietbourke_lrg (2) high RES
Juliet leads the Australian Diversity and Inclusion practice as a Human Capital partner at Deloitte, and co-leads the Australian Leadership practice. Her latest book is entitled “Which two heads are better than one?” How diverse teams create breakthrough ideas and make smarter decisions”. She specialises in cultural change and developing leaders, with particular expertise in diversity and inclusion. Juliet regularly works with global executive teams to design and deliver leadership programs, including Deloitte’s signature Inclusive Leadership program. Juliet brings over 20 years’ experience in human capital, psychology, management and law to her work. Juliet is a member of the Australian firm’s Diversity Council, sits on a number of Boards and award panels such as the Telstra Business Awards. Juliet’s own awards include 2007 Women Lawyers Association of NSW (Achievement Award), 2007 University of NSW (Alumni Award) and 2008 Centre for Leadership for Women (Leadership Achievement Silver Award). Juliet is a TEDx speaker.
Juliet gives a keynote onUnpacking “collective intelligence” and making it a strategic tool LinkedIn
Twitter: @julietbourke
Kristine Dery
Research Scientist, MIT Sloan, Centre for Information Systems Research (CISR)
Kristine’s research in the dynamic between technology and the way that people work has been a focus of her publications and teaching for the last 15 years. Currently she is investigating the design and management of the workplace to understand how organisations use digital capabilities internally to create more effective ways of working, and the impact of new ways of engaging with talent in the digital era.  This work has stemmed from a historical research focus on the relationship between HRM and IT, Mobile Connectivity, Human Resource Information Systems, Gamification, and Remote Working.  She previously held management roles in the tourism and airline industries in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Kristine is based in Sydney and is responsible for fostering research relationships with companies in Australia and New Zealand.
Kristine participates in the Blockchain Panel LinkedIn
Twitter: @kristinedery
Hind El Aoufi
Lead, Talent and Culture practice at Capgemini
Hind is an organisational culture expert and leads the Talent and Culture practice at Capgemini within Digital Services. She works with business leaders to design, shape and grow the culture of next generation organisations. She is passionate about empowering leaders and team members to unlock their culture and organisation through collaboration and innovation, to catalyse and lead opportunities for the digital age using various methods- design thinking being one. She is a strong advocate of the need to humanise digital and believes culture and behaviours are at the core of any successful strategy. Hind regularly collaborates with some of the world’s leading academics, start-ups and behavioural labs to define new ways for companies to adapt, engage, and develop their people. She is currently also pursuing her PhD in positive psychology, focusing on delivering positive change and unlocking possibilities through behavioural science.
Hind co-hosts a Workshop on Humanising Digital LinkedIn
Twitter: @hindelaoufi
Ella Hafermalz
Pre-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Sydney
Ella is interested in new ways of working and how we use technology to stay connected. She is in the process of writing her PhD at the University of Sydney Business School. Ella enjoys working with students to encourage a critical investigation of those aspects of our daily life that we sometimes take for granted, for example why we think of the office as being central to working life. Ella is increasingly intrigued by robots and is cautiously optimistic about their upcoming role in our domestic and professional lives.
Twitter: @ellahsydney
Natalie Hardwicke
Consultant at Ripple Effect Group
Natalie is a communications consultant who has specialised in internal communication and employee engagement best practice on digital channels. She is interested in the impact of enterprise social networking platforms on business processes and other information systems.
Natalie is the 2016 recipient of the Ripple Effect Group and University of Sydney Business School PhD Research Scholarship. She is interested in researching the impact enterprise social networking platforms have on business processes and other information systems.
Natalie co-hosts a workshop on Digital Capabilities: Where people and technology intersect LinkedIn
Max Kaye
Deputy Leader & Co-founder, FLUX
Max is passionate about improving the world to the best of his ability. He is a software developer and blockchain consultant. His educational background is in science, mathematics, and information systems, though his strong interests in economics, political philosophy, disruptive startups, and theory of knowledge have provided a strong foundation across the board.
Max desires to use and build new technology to enable greater civic involvement, democratic potential, and personal empowerment. His utmost commitment is to the creation of new options, and the protection of our methods of correcting mistakes. He prefers to use the oxford comma.
Max participates in the Blockchain Panel LinkedIn
Twitter: @xertrov
Karl Kruszelnicki (Dr Karl)
Julius Sumner Miller Fellow, The University of Sydney
Dr Karl
Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki is one of Australia’s 100 National Living Treasures with a media career spanning more than 30 years. He has authored 40 books to date with more on the way. His accolades range from the Ig Nobel Prize from Harvard University for his groundbreaking research into belly button fluff and why it is almost always blue, to being one of the first Australian Apple Masters, of which there are only 100 worldwide.

A lifetime student, Karl has earned degrees in Physics and Maths, Biomedical Engineering, Medicine and Surgery. He now serves as the Julius Sumner Miller Fellow at Sydney University, where his ‘mission’ is to spread the good word about science and its benefits.

His enthusiasm for science is totally infectious and no one is better able to convey the excitement and wonder of it all than Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki.

Dr Karl gives a keynote on Great Moments in Science and Business and chairs the Blockchain Panel
Laurence Lock Lee
Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Swoop Analytics
Laurence Lock Lee, PhD is Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Swoop Analytics. He is an experienced and practiced consultant with over 35 years as a researcher, technology leader, manager and management consultant. He is an acknowledged thought leader in the areas of knowledge management and intellectual capital. He is considered one of world’s leading practitioners in Social Network Analysis for organisational change. With many years of experience in different roles ranging from research to consulting, Dr Lock Lee completed his PhD research on corporate social capital effects on share market performance at the University of Sydney. He was previously a Principal Managing Consultant with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and before that various research, management and consulting roles within BHP Billiton. He is the author of two books and numerous journal and online publications on the topics of knowledge management, social network analysis and intellectual capital.
Laurie co-hosts a Workshop on Disrupting Business Intelligence Systems LinkedIn
Claire Marshall
Explorer at Share Stories
Claire Marshall is an award-winning creative, facilitator and speaker who has worked across television, film and digital for the last 10 years. She has directed television shows and cross-platform extensions for the major Australian networks, and worked with Hollywood Studios while working for at Australia’s largest movie exhibitor. She is part of the global collective Learn Do Share and has presented on the topic of Creative Collaboration at conferences in Paris, Berlin and London. A passionate sharing economy advocate in 2015 Claire embarked on a month long experiment to see if she could ‘survive in the sharing economy’. Her experiment garnered media attention and was featured on both Australian and international media sites. Claire currently writes about the sharing economy for various publications as well as facilitating hands on workshops in both the sharing economy and how creative collaboration can fuel innovation.
Claire gives a talk on Can you survive by sharing? Tales from my one month experiment in the sharing economy LinkedIn
Twitter: @clairefmarshall
Jakkii Musgrave
Intranet and Community Management Specialist at Ripple Effect Group
Jakkii is an experienced intranet and community management specialist. Her focus is helping organisations get the most out of their social and collaborative technologies by guiding staff in their use, consulting across the organisation to increase understanding of the power of collaboration and assisting teams to implement process improvements.
Her professional experience includes the adoption, education, engagement, use and integration of social collaboration tools within organisations.
Jakkii co-hosts a Workshop on Digital Capabilities: Where people and technology intersect LinkedIn
Twitter: @slybeer
Emma Poposka
Co-Founder and CEO at Brontech
Emma Poposka is the Co-Founder and CEO at Brontech (www.bron.tech), a company that specializes in development of blockchain solutions for a wide spectrum of services like identity management, education and healthcare. She holds a MBA in General Management from The University of Sheffield as well as a master’s and bachelor’s degree in Informatics and Computer Engineering from the Ss.Cyril and Methodious University. Prior Brontech, Emma was working as a national consultant on several projects conducted by international organizations like United Nation Development Programme (UNDP), United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and The European Commission (EC). In 2012, she established Illuminx -her first software development and data analysis company. During her career she has worked on several large scale software projects for the public and the private sector and covered different roles in the software development lifecycle like project manager, programmer and QA engineer.
Emma is a spaker on the Blockchain Panel
Kai Riemer
Professor of Information Technology and Organisation at the University of Sydney Business School
Kai is a Professor at The University of Sydney Business School. His expertise is in Enterprise Social Networking, e-Collaboration, inter-firm networking, virtual work, social impact of ICTs, and the practical philosophy of technology. Kai is currently doing research into technology adoption and sense-making, infrastructure technologies and the adoption and management of Enterprise Social Networking. He has held positions with the University of Muenster in Germany, Melbourne University and University College Dublin and consulted with a range of companies both in Europe and Australia. Kai is the founder of the Digital Disruption Research Group (DDRG) and convenor of DISRUPT.SYDNEY.
Kai gives a talk on What makes Technologies disruptive? Blog
Twitter: @karisyd
Mike Seymour
PhD candidate, lecturer, and co-founder of fxguide.com
Mike Seymour has a B Sc. focused on CGI and Pure Maths from the University of Sydney where he also did his Masters (MBA) and he is currently doing his PhD and lecturing. His research is into using interactive realtime photoreal faces in new forms of Human Computer Interfaces (CHI). Mike has worked for many years in the visual effects area of the entertainment industry, in R&D and in film production, winning an AFI and being nominated for a Prime time Emmy in the USA. He has worked as a compositor, vfx supervisor and second unit director on various TV shows here and in the UK. He is also well known for his work as a writer, consultant and educator with the web sites fxguide.com and fxphd.com. These sites provide an important link between the film and vfx community and the research community who constantly push the limits of technology. Mike has lectured and presented at NAB, ACM SIGGRAPH, CVMP and SMPTE. He regularly can be heard on the company’s own podcasts, as well as having contributed to Warner Bros., Paramount, News Corp, the BBC (radio) and WIRED Magazine (- over 70+ times). Mike is based in Sydney, but has previously worked in Hollywood and London. He is known internationally and makes a mean Margarita.
Arthur Shelley
Founder and CEO of Intelligent Answers
Arthur Shelley is a capability development and knowledge strategy consultant with over 30 years professional experience. He has held a variety of professional roles including managing international projects in Australia, Europe, Asia and USA. He has facilitated courses in Masters programs on Executive Consulting, Leadership, Knowledge Management, Applied Research Practice and Entrepreneurship in face to face and blended and on-line modes. Arthur is the author two books: Being a Successful Knowledge Leader and The Organizational Zoo, A Survival Guide to Workplace Behaviour and has written chapters for edited books, articles for academic and professional journals. His new book KNOWledge SUCCESSion will be available in mid-2016. In 2014 he was awarded with an Australian Office of Learning and Teaching citation for “Outstanding contributions to student learning outcomes.”
Arthur is a regular invited speaker and workshop facilitator at international conferences to discuss his writing or to share experiences as the former Global Knowledge Director for Cadbury Schweppes. He is founder of The Organizational Zoo Ambassadors Network (a professional peer mentoring group), creator of the RMIT University MBA mentoring program and co-facilitator of the Melbourne KM Leadership Forum.
Arthur gives a talk on Creative Friction to constructively disrupt mindsets and facilitates a workshop on The behavioural DNA of constructive disruption LinkedIn
Twitter: @metaphorage
Scott Ward
Director at Digital Infusions
Scott Ward is a business and behavioral strategist who assists organization’s to use Enterprise social to solve business challenges, drive innovation and affect digital transformation. Having worked with Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and Deloitte, Scott has an extensive background in technology and sits as a founding industry member of Sydney Universities Digital Disruption Panel. In 2010 whilst working at Deloitte and researching for Sydney University, Scott began an extensive research project to identify best practice use of social and gamified technologies, the results of which now form the BITIL™ Framework.
In 2011 Scott formed Digital Infusions to assist organisations increase their capability and knowledge at using emerging technology. Since this time Scott has used the BITIL™ Framework to design a range of tools, measures and programs to help businesses both large and small, step through the adoption process. Scott is a frequent speaker on the effective use of Social media and Gamification and has presented at numerous conferences and industry functions across Asia Pacific. Scott is a passionate advocate of social technologies and his clients represent diverse industry groups such as education, mining, travel, real estate, legal and financial institutions.
Scott hosts a Workshop on Rapid Innovation LinkedIn
Twitter: @wardsco
Philipp Wegge
Visiting Scholar at University of Sydney
Philipp is a digital technology enthusiast and especially interested in data-driven analysis of social behavior in online communication. He studies Applied Cognitive and Media Science at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany), a program that combines the fields of Computer Science, Psychology and Economics. He moved to Sydney to write his master thesis on user behavior in Enterprise Social Networks at the University of Sydney Business School. Previously he worked as a social media manager and analyst for an international PR agency and in marketing and sales for an international education company. His academic research includes crisis communication in social media and work at the Center of Analysis and Design of Intelligent Agents at Reykjavik University (Iceland) with the objective to enhance social interactions in a virtual reality learning environment.
Philipp co-hosts a Workshop on Disrupting Business Intelligence Systems LinkedIn
Jennifer Wilson
Director, The Project Factory
Jennifer is a producer of creative multiplatform /transmedia projects across web, mobile, social media, games and virtual worlds. She is the author of several books and papers exploring the digital space: actively encouraging the telling stories through digital.
Jennifer is passionate about engaging with audience across multiple devices, linking these to create both more meaningful experiences as well as better outcomes across all age groups. She has worked on projects as varied as teaching doctors better communication skills, helping people become non-smokers, exploring the Murray-Darling area through indigenous ceremony, teaching storytelling skills to young children, building a scary interactive online drama and working on a website designed to create a culture of innovation.
In 2013, Jennifer was awarded ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Digital Industry’ by the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association. She has presented a TEDx talk on Curiosity; and continues to be inspired by (and curious about) the human-centred ways that storytelling is evolving. She spends her time between Sydney & London.
Jennifer gives a talk on Change your Game – How carefully applied gamification can deliver real behavioural change LinkedIn
Twitter: @jenwilsonsydney
Stephen Wilson
Principal Analyst, Constellation Research
Stephen is a researcher, analyst, commentator and innovator in digital identity and privacy. With 30 years experience in Australia and the US, he has held R&D leadership and Principal Consultant roles with Baltimore Technologies, KPMG, PwC and SecureNet. In 2004, he founded the Lockstep Group in Australia; since 2014 he has held a conjoint position with Silicon Valley-based Constellation Research where he leads the firm’s work in Digital Safety. Stephen is doing a PhD in the Australian Centre for Cyber Security (UNSW Canberra) on the evolution and ecology of digital identity.
Stephen is a spaker on the Blockchain Panel LinkedIn, Blog

Twitter: @Steve_Lockstep